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Special Order Kegs

Need a keg for your kegerator or upcoming special event? We can order what you need including taps and cold plates. Below are some samples for general pricing. While we are a craft beer shop, we are happy to order other beer that you may want. Inquire about pricing. Other beers from the breweries listed below may also be available.

All kegs must be pre-ordered; sorry, we don't have the space to have backstock. Please plan ahead and allow at least 7-10 days for delivery. If you are in a pinch for time, we will try to help although your choices will be limited. Most deliveries are on Thursday or Friday.
All prices are subject to change and availability of some beers may vary.

1/2 barrel
(15.5 gals)
50 Liter
(13.2 gals)
1/4 barrel
(7.75 gals)
1/6 barrel
(5 gals)
14th Star Tribute, B72
14th Star Valor, Maple Breakfast Stout $210     $90
Drop In Sunshine and Hoppiness   $168   $84
Citizen Cider       $104
Fiddlehead IPA $193   $125  
Harpoon Catamount IPA   $165    
Hermit Thrush Brattlebeer, Party Guy       $100
Hermit Thrush - specialty       $250
Long Trail (other)
Long Trail Ale / Seasonal
Lost Nation Mosaic, Galaxy $215     $90
Lost Nation Gose, Saison, Pilsner
Queen City Hefe, Lager
Rock Art   $175   $89
Trapp Helles, Vienna, Pilsner, Dunkel
Zero Gravity Conehead
Zero Gravity Green State Lager

* Pricing Details: In Vermont there is 6% tax on the beer and a $30 deposit on each keg.You will need to add this to the price listed above. The listed price is subject to change so be sure to ask for the specific cost when placing final order. We only accept cash for kegs figuring if you are planning ahead to order a keg, you can plan to have cash to pay for it. This help's us keep our prices lower because we are not charged a credit card fee and you get cash back for all your deposits.

Tap Rentals: $65 which includes a $50 deposit. Cold plates with two taps and other bar accesories are also available please inquire.

Keg Type 50 Liter
1/2 BBL
Full Size
1/6 BBL
5 Gallon Pony/Log
Gallons 13.2 15.5 5
Ounces   1984 661
12oz Cups   165 53
16oz Cups   124 40
Height   23.5 16.2
Width   16.2 9.25
Full Weight   160 lbs. 60 lbs.

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