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Zero Gravity
Burlington, VT
Leipzig-Style Gose

Traditional tart wheat beer brewed with sea salt and coriander and slightly soured with Lactobacillus bacteria. With a citrusy aroma derived from fresh ground coriander and a light saline mouthfeel from sea salt, this quenching beer finishes with the delicate tangy flavor of German malted wheat.

4.2% ABV
10 IBU
64 oz
$14.75 plus tax


Idletyme Brewing Co.
Stowe, VT
Zog's Pale Ale

This classic style is dry-hopped with pungent US varieties, wonderful aromas in the nose, medium bitterness.

5.5% ABV
64 oz
$14.75 plus tax


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Idletyme Bohemia Pils
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