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Weston, VT
A modern American beer that embraces old world techniques that impart a tartness and complexity created by blending fermented wood aged beer. BACKACRE will keep for years in a cool, dark cellar.

What to pair with your Backacre? The brewer suggest the traditional open-face sandwich of cream cheese, radish and green onion. A new American suggestion is a fish taco with cucumber salsa.

Summer and beer festival season is upon us. Here are just a few to get you started planning your calendar. We will be adding more. And remember if the first beer you drink is a big double IPA you won't be able to taste anything else so start at the lighter end whether in color, ABV or IBUs. Pace yourself so you can enjoy the full event.

May 27
Brattleboro Brewers Festival
One of our favorite events. It is low key, in a farm field with an old barn and there is plenty of beer to enjoy but not so overwhelming that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

July 21-22
Vermont Brewers Festival - Burlington
THE event in Vermont. If you haven't gone, it is a must try atleast ones.

Let us Help You Make it Special!
No matter what you are planning we can help you make it special with great craft beer. Big party and need a keg and tap or a few logs to add variety with a cold plate, we just need a week to order anything you want - even if it's Bud Light. And we are always thinking food and beer so if you are planning a beer pairing dinner or cocktail party, bring in the menu. Need a caterer, we can point you in the right direction for that too as well as a great venue.




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